Saturday, 1 February 2014

No Reasons - Meet The Cast

It seems only yesterday I spoke about making a movie, now Death Walks is completed, I have produced another movie and three movies are currently on the slate for production. With my latest tale No Reasons beginning in just 5 weeks.

The story is set in Essex and follows the misadventures of Sally and Paul a couple trying to put their lives together after the disappearance of their daughter. When a private investigator becomes involved, a hidden underground world is exposed.

No Reasons is based on three very real true stories.

Marc Bannerman is Paul 

Lucinda Rhodes is Sally 

Roland Manookian is Julian. 

Elisha Applebaum is Jodie. 

Lorraine Stanley Is Simone. 

Daniel Smales is Kevin. 

Scott Mullins is DI Mike Cooper 

Jazz Lintott is Raj. 

Jon Guerriero is Mr. Taylor

Daniel Peacock is Maurice. 

Dexter Koh is Dexter

Jessie Williams is Angel 

Holly Boeva is Leanne

More updates to follow, the films IMDB page is here and you can follow the production on the No Reasons Facebook page and the Hawken Rhodes Facebook age. 

Monday, 23 December 2013

15 Questions I Want You To Ask About The New Death Walks Trailer

This week I released the brand new Death Walks trailer, you can see it at the bottom of this piece. Of the questions that have been asked, the ones I expected to get asked about have not arisen. Others believe I've just been a little bit slapdash with our new trailer, and a few say it's too cryptic. When you look at a trailer you often ask questions, try to piece two and two together. Here are the questions I want you to ask, I wan't you to see that Death Walks is not a conventional zombie movie, I of course won't give you any answers.

What is Lucrezia (Cannibal Holocaust's Francesca Ciardi) writing on the floor? And why?

They are coming! Who? What if it's not who you are expecting?

Why are they not moving?

The background ticker, it's a warning but who is being warned?

You look like them, but your not? Who is Beth (Karis Pentecost) talking too exactly?

Zombie against zombie? Jessie Williams as Poppy comes to grips with a killer. 

 They are not zombies, but they look menacing so what's this all about?

What has happened to me?

Even when facing weaponry, there is still no response, why?

Who is Lucrezia?

What is this place? Lucinda Rhodes asks a question you would not normally ask when entering a shopping centre.

What has happened to her, she looks much better here than in earlier shots?

Talking zombies? And what's wrong with his scar? Tyrone Nestor asks a question, or makes a statement, given his situation it's a strange thing to say. 

Zombie hahahahaha! What is quite so funny about zombies?

Watch the trailer below, if you have not already seen it, hopefully if you have seen it before maybe it will make you see it differently. Or maybe not! 

Friday, 8 November 2013

A Death Walks Update

Long time no see!

Well i've been a little quiet of late, the reason being I've been working on my film Death Walks.

Shot for a grand total of £0.00 yes you got it right, nothing! Death Walks is in it's final stages!

It's been a strange old journey, we lost and we gained. When some of our original cast dropped out for a variety of reasons we managed to secure some real quality additions. First up we got hold of Jessie Williams via my business partner Lucinda Rhodes. Jessie is best known for her portrayal of Lily in both Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground. The next addition however for me was a real rush, a lover of the movie Cannibal Holocaust I reached out to the leading actress Francesca Ciardi, and to my shock she agreed to be part of the film.

Francesca was at the cutting edge of the horror industry taking on a task only a lunatic would assume. This in my eyes made me a fan of Francesca, so while my journey into the world of horror movie making has only just begun, I'm pleased to say I am working with someone I truly admire.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Death Walks News Round Up's

Death walks has been in the press quite a lot, here are a round up of some of the articles. 

 The Romford Recorder

 The Recorder

The Yellow Advertiser

 The Romford Recorder

The East London Enquirer

The Reading Post

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Honourable Mentions

Excellent horror website Realm Of Horror has given us a nice plug today. Simon the operator of the site has been running the site since the 1990's so to have such an established horror site reference us is a real scoup.

You can visit their site and read the article here.

Meanwhile the press has also picked us up, The Yellow Advertiser a free "through your door paper" has not only written about us, but came out to see me today for a photo opportunity. I photograph very badly, so look out for some scary images coming soon.

If you are not already follow the Death Walks Facebook page here!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Zombie Diaries - 32 Days To Go - Taking The Zombies Back To The Shopping Centre

It's a gamble that many would fear. If you put zombies in a shopping centre you stand the risk of comparison to George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead or Zack Snyder's 2004 remake.

For Death Walks... (the explanation for the ...'s in the title will appear closer to release) in order to not stand the chance of being compared to the aforementioned film you need to spin the idea on it's head.

Romford, Essex is a million miles from Toronto or Pennsylvania. We can't pull of zombie shopping centre movies here in the UK or can we. I won't lie, it's a cliche that I simply could not help but jump all over this one. To bring zombies back to a shopping centre is any directors dream come true, let along a rank amateur like myself.

As I walked around the filming location today I was asked the following questions "Is it Dawn Of The Dead?", "is it Shaun Of The Dead?", "Is it the Walking Dead?" It seems hard for people to comprehend that an idea might be a new one, even harder to believe that the creators of The Walking Dead would turn their back on their locations and head for Romford, England. In order to try and shake of these comparisons we really need to turn that wheel quite a few degrees in order to rid ourselves of comparison.

Death Walks... is not going to bring a rather unexpected twist to the zombie movie, while re-inventing the perceptions of what a zombie is. While we might not have the money, in fact we are filming with a zero budget, we do have the ideas. You have never seen zombies movie like this, prepare for a new option to be added to the time honoured question which is better a fast or slow moving zombie.

Without a doubt we will pay homage to the aforementioned movies, especially when you have an entire shopping centre to play with, we'll also be giving a hat tip to the great Zombie Flesh Eaters.

This time it's not about keeping zombies in, its about getting yourself out, and this is not even a million miles close to the twists we are going to take you on, we'll also be breaking a terrible taboo.

Filming on Death Walks... begins on July 15th.

Death Walks... Facebook Page

Today we launched our Facebook page, here you will be able to keep an eye on whats going on during the final build up to the filming of Death Walks... and of course follow on from the end of filming to release in 2014.

Don't get excited now, it's all very basic until production begins.

Click here to like the page.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Zombie Diaries - 33 Days To Go - Death Walks...

So I've fed you plenty of pap, I guess it's time to get down to the story.

Set in an east London shopping centre, Death Walks... begins with the closing of a busy shopping centre after a days trade. A multitude of workers remain in the centre when things start to get a little sinister. A distressed teenager's arrival is the beginning of things going wrong. Before the occupants know it the centre is besieged by an army of zombies.

Don't go expecting to hear the cry of "BRAINS!!", don't go expecting flesh eating creatures, Death Walks... zombies defy the current convention of what a zombie is. Death Walks... is a psychological zombie movie, it challenges what we see or think we see, what we believe, and twists it's narrative in new directions. From dusk till dawn it all kicks off in the shopping centre, but who will live to tell the tale?

Most importantly Death Walks... attempts to deliver the seemingly impossible, a zero budget movie project.

Zombie Diaries - 33 Days To Go - Working The Cast

For Death Walks... we decided to mix up our casting a bit. When you are trying to build a movie for a zero budget it's important that you try to fit people into boxes. It's also important that you try to find the right mix of talent, purpose, and like-ability.

I took a probably shocking stance when casting, 50% of my cast had no acting history, but I tried to get the roles they play similar to their personality, in the hope that they don't act, they simply work their lines like they are rehearsed for a real life situation, you know when you have something important to say to someone and spend hours considering your pitch? Many of this 50% I had ulterior motives in the casting, some were security guards who would later provide a service of providing set security for their 15 minutes of fame. Others because I really felt the audience would like them. A further smaller percentage because they had something you wanted. This might seem risky strategy but the approach I have on this is that you put in plenty of rehearsal, and/or you give them limited screen time.

This of course leaves another 50% and for that I turned to Stages Performers Academy in Romford, who used some of their talent to film a plethora of the roles. For some it's very much in their comfort zone, for others what I was asking them to do was fairly risky.

IMPORTANT LESSON: When you are creating a zero budget project expect some people to let you down. This being said those that really believe in the project, and want their fifteen minutes of fame you can rely on many. The key is figuring out who might drop out, and who won't, and those that might, ensure you have someone in mind to replace them. I've already picked my back up's from my cast of extras and crew.

Next week we'll be bringing you the casting videos of some of the successful applicants.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Zombie Diary - 34 Days To Go - Location, Location, Location

I hate to sound like Phil Spencer, but when you're making a movie it's all about Location, Location, Location. As early as script writing stage it's important to secure the correct location. Chances are that as you write your script the location might already be in your mind, it can therefore be devastating when you are not given access to film in your location of choice. 

When I wrote the script to Death Walks... I had a very clear idea of a shooting location, after all if your shooting a Zombie movie there is just one place you want your Zombies to go, and that is a shopping centre.

To get the location was not such a hard bargain I thought it would be, although it did take four individual meetings to secure the location, and more importantly for me to secure it for free, and ensuring the estates owners knew that no damage would come of the property.

In order to secure your property you must get the completion of a release form, I will include a basic one in a future post, if you do not have the release you do not have permission in the eyes of the law to film.

Getting permission to film, means you can start looking at the next stage, insurance! Now insurance varies from individual situation to individual situation. For us shooting insurance already came under the centres own insurances, as did the ability to hold large volumes of people. There did need to be variations added due to filming times. All of our film crew were covered by their own filming insurances, as many do on location shooting as part of their day to day.

However if you are filming in unknown territory, are renting equipment, or using the equipment of those that might not have insurance get a quote. I have heard of gear being stolen on the day of shoot, and the filmmakers not only unable to shoot as a result, but unable to afford to replace the missing gear.